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Foliar Spray Method:

When to Apply the Foliar Spray Method

The method is best suitable when temperatures are mild and the movement of the wind is minimal. The ideal time to use the foliar spray method is in the late afternoon or the early dawn. With minimal wind, the finely atomized sprays drift voluntarily. When the condition is humid and moist the absorption capacity further enhances and the presence of dew on leaves allows foliar feeding. The majority of the plant stomata reside on the bottom of the leaves and the absorption level reaches the ceiling point as soon as the spray coats reach there.

When Not to Apply the Foliar Spray Method

The worst time to use to spray when it is windy and dry. The absorption capacity of the plant decreases when the air temperature goes beyond 80° F because plant stomata are closed. Also do not spray from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM to evade burning of the leaves.

Application Rates: Dilute 2ml of liquid bio fertilizer with 1 litre of water. The first application of the product in a few days before planting, the second is when the flower blooms or new shoot grows, and the third and final application is when the fruit sets. The dilution ratio of water-soluble bio fertilizer is 1:100. For stressed plants, the ratio is 1:500 and the solution is to be applied every 10 to 15 days.

Note: The growth promoter should only be used on the recommended dose. Overdose is a violation of law and it will not give you a better result.

Direction of Use:

? Read all the precautions carefully before opening the bottle.
? Avoid direct contact of Bio stimulant / fertilizer with skin and eyes
? Cover your hands and mouth before the spray operation.
? Spray the mixture in the direction of the wind.
? Shake the bottle well before use.
? Wash your hands and face with soap after the spray operation.
? In case of emergency, attain first-aid quickly.
? Keep the bottle out of reach of children.

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